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Adoption Desk Last Updated: May 27th, 2019 - 13:51:51

Awaiting Adoption: Energetic boy hopes for 'forever family'
By Ann Riggs, MARE Recruitment Specialist
Aug 7, 2014, 22:00

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Awaiting Adoption: Energetic boy hopes for 'forever family'

Dylan, 14, is a bright and funny kid with an upbeat personality.

Whether it's reading about leprechauns or delving into the world of the Hunger Games, 14-year-old Dylan can't get enough. Not only is reading his favorite subject in school, but it's his favorite way to relax. Dylan is rarely seen without a book in his hand and has an active imagination.
Dylan also enjoys solving problems in math class and playing board games. He likes playing catch with others and is a big fan of baseball. Like many boys his age, Dylan also enjoys riding his bike, watching movies and playing video games. He states that his favorite animal is a golden retriever and loves eating chicken parmesan and dark chocolate. Dylan loves listening to country music and uses it as a positive outlet when upset.
When asked how to he would describe himself, Dylan said he is "happy and a really fun guy!" His adoption worker agrees, adding that he is outgoing and incredibly smart. Dylan stated he would like a family that loves and cares about him and does nice things together. He specifically mentioned he would like a family to play catch with him and take him to Boyne Mountain. Dylan has been waiting for an adoptive family for six years yet remains upbeat and positive.
Dylan's adoption worker would encourage a prospective adoptive family to be patient and not give up on Dylan, even if he tries to push them away. He has made tremendous strides in building positive coping skills and uses art as a way to help manage his emotions.
Dylan would do best in a two-parent household with a strong male presence and no other children in the home. Dylan is a lively teen and would benefit from having an energetic family that can encourage him to stay active while providing structure and consistency.
If you are interested in learning more about adoption and the many children waiting in Michigan's foster care system, visit or call (800) 589-6273.
Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange (MARE ) is an information and referral service for prospective adoptive families interested in adopting children from foster care and for workers looking for homes for these children.
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Awaiting Adoption: Energetic boy hopes for 'forever family'